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Bayonetta is in Super Smash bros 4 :3

That is all.
Do you like Super Smash Bros and Bayonetta? Well now is your chance to get her in the game go vote at
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone
hope you get what you wanted.

Your Founder HysteriaAlice09
Here is a tip for getting 1 millions in a single run.

Step 1: Buy Gaze of Despair and Selene's Light.
Step 2: Go to the chapter The Depths, as you enter their is a resting place on the right where you can get a Midas Testament.
Step 3: Exit the chapter then enter again then repeat Step 2 until you have about 15 Midas Testaments.
Step 4 : Go to the chapter The Witch Hunts, make sure you have  Gaze of Despair and Selene's Light active at all times.
Step 5: Activate a Midas Testament in every verse, make sure it is active all the time you are fighting.
Step 6: Use the combo XXX then hold X  it boosts your combo up alot.
Step 7: Finish the chapter.

If done right you should have about 1 million halos
(Note: it doesn't matter what character you use you can use who you like)

Your Founder HysteriaAlice09
p.s if you want anymore tips and hints just ask and I will respond .
I completed Bayonetta 2 two days ago and this game was just amazing.
If you haven't played it yet you need to.

Your Founder HysteriaAlice09

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